Optimize sales and build customer intelligence with call recording and scoring. The phone call, the final step from prospect to closed sale, is crucial to get right. Achieve desired call outcomes with ContactPoint products and services.

Recording calls and applying scorecard data to authentic customer interactions empowers your representatives to continually build confidence, and you can easily measure success rates and quickly adapt to trends in customer sentiment. Leverage the valuable information found in customer touch points to improve customer interactions, and increase your ROI.

LogMyCalls     ProScore     Mystery Shopping


Our SaaS product, LogMyCalls, gives sales managers a phone sales performance management tool that can lead to tripled sales. Advanced call routing, tags and comments on call recordings, call scorecards, goals, and performance reports add up an easy to use application that gives managers more insight, flexibility, and control over their sales performance.

  • Improve sales performance by coaching and training from customer conversations
  • Score calls yourself with customizable score cards, or let us handle it for you with ProScore
  • APIs to integrate with your favorite CRM to automatically update the contact log and attach record call

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Improve sales performance by scoring actual or mystery shopped customer calls and providing hyper relevant feedback to phone sales agents. Call scoring adds a layer of accountability that keeps phone reps on their toes and constantly learning.  We work with you to tailor a scorecard that works best for you and your industry.

Phone Sales Performance Scoring

  • Increase sales by coaching and training from timely interaction feedback
  • Monitor customer sentiment and refine sales approach
  • Uncover any disconnects between marketing and sales

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Mystery Shopping

Closely examine specific areas of the sales process with mystery shopping. Focus on relevant skills or situations: product knowledge, asking for the sale, upselling, customer complaints, or a certain employee.

  • Discover how phone reps interact with customers on the phone
  • Focus on critical skills and sales scenarios
  • Add a layer of accountability and ensure trained skills are employed

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