ContactPoint brings smart marketing technology to smart marketers who gather customer intelligence from every customer phone call. Add lead tracking, call analytics, lead scoring, and automated marketing to your bag of solutions. And while you’re at it, optimize sales to make sure your leads are converting on the phone.

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Your Challenges:

    • You get lots of phone calls, but no sales. Poor lead quality.
    • You get no phone calls. Poor lead quantity.
    • You launch a bunch of campaigns together and don't know which one is driving phone calls. No offline conversion tracking or call analytics.
    • You get a ton of mobile calls and you have no way to follow up with them all. No marketing automation with SMS text-back.
    • Your lead phone calls all go to the operator. No IVR for marketing automation.
    • There there, it's all right, we'll stop listing your problems and talk about your solutions.

Your Solutions:

Agencies, publishers, and in-house marketers benefit from ContactPoint’s integrated products:

LogMyCalls: LogMyCalls does it all: lead tracking, call analytics, automated marketing, reports for sales optimization, and self-serve lead scoring.  

ProScore: Professional lead scoring and phone sales performance scoring to optimize sales and marketing.   


Our call tracking SaaS product, LogMyCalls, gives marketers a powerful customer intelligence application to sprint past their competition. Improve advertising, measure lead quality, and remarket to prospects with a smarter call tracking platform.

    • Measure marketing ROI by tracking offline conversions: the phone call.
    • Integrate offline marketing with online analytics tools
    • Receive SMS or email alerts on campaign performance

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Marketers can refine their campaigns to drive better leads by scoring lead calls, and stop leaks further down the sales funnel by scoring phone performance. Scoring the actual conversation with voice analytics gauges customer sentiment and adds critical biofeedback.

ProScore Lead Scoring:

    • Assess and adjust advertising campaigns
    • Remarket to prospects and capture lost leads

Phone Sales Performance Scoring:

    • Stop the leaks in your sales funnel
    • Identify needs for sales skills and product training

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