Sales training does not work—if it is an event. Sales training works incredibly well—when it is a process.

-JCK Industry News

After staring at your declining sales and scratching your head, you may have already come to the same conclusion about sales training. To get results, we implement the process. ContactPoint offers first-class services to increase sales and improve customer service. Raise your hand if you expect more than generic phone sales techniques and customer service tips. Our comprehensive services include training, mentoring, coaching, and the technology to tie it all ContactPoint services are process oriented to improve sales and performance now, while always progressing toward long term change; in other words, a renaissance in individual accountability. Training formats are flexible: full-day, half-day, split-day or webinar. We customize the content for your company, and we’re happy to customize the format as well.

We offer:

Telephone Sales Skills Training. Dynamite for phone reps. Both inbound and outbound phone sales training.
Customer Service Skills Training. Leave customers feeling impressed and wowed, rather than just satisfied.
Coach-the-Coach Training. Own it, managers. Up your game and create lasting change in your company.
Leadership and Management Training. Unleash the power within you. For individuals and teams.
Call Recording and Coaching. Use ContactPoint’s professional coaches and proprietary call recording, monitoring, and scoring technologies.
Mystery Shopping. Simulate situations to target specific skills development or concerns.  

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