Factors that Drive My Sales Efforts

I recently got an email from a past Power Training graduate who is selling in Pittsburgh door-to-door for the summer. He sounded discouraged in his request for sales help. Here are some of the factors that drive my personal sales efforts:

  • Focus on your successes and don't allow the failures, pain, rejection, etc. to enter your mind. Work hard. Fail a lot, i.e. get rejected more than anyone else. The more rejection means more success.
  • You must experiment with new ideas.
  • Always try something new.
  • What matters when you sell is not what you say but what the customer says, thinks, feels and wants. LISTEN!! You are a psychologist. In the first few moments they look at you they are asking themselves, "Do I like this person?," "Do I trust this person?" Make sure you demonstrate with tone and body language what the customer wants from you within the first seconds of meeting them.
  • Don't stop knocking, calling, talking and selling all day. It’s your job but it’s also your career. The lessons you learn as you sell will spill into any leadership role you take in the future.
  • You have to want to sell to them more than they want to reject you. Make it hard for people to say no because it's just easier to say yes to you.
  • Learn what questions and statements to avoid. You will lose most sales because you say the wrong thing. Don't sound like a sales person! Relax and be comfortable. Don’t say, “I’m just...” Don’t say “JUST” ever. Don’t start out with “How are you?” Instead be friendly and get to the point. Don’t use slang. Don’t apologize (Unless you indeed did something wrong).
  • Be enthusiastic but start out calm and grow the enthusiasm with crescendo.
  • The more people you speak with the more money you will make.
  • Always ask for referrals.
  • Don’t ever doubt yourself, focus on what’s working, you made the decision to sell, so don’t look back and make it happen.