"Hi, I'm just calling to see if you were interested in our business."

"Hi, I'm just looking for Jim Miller, is he available?"

"Hi, I'm wondering if Jim Miller is available?"

"Who's calling?"

"I'm just from [company name]."

"I'm just trying to ask you about [fill in the blank].



What is up with that? 'Just' is a weak word. And yet many people, from many businesses use it.

The moment you use the word 'just' in a conversation you put yourself in a position of weakness. You immediately devalue what you are trying to sell, or the point you are trying to make. Using the word 'just' makes you an afterthought.

And here's the worst part: You are doing it to yourself.

You aren't even waiting for the prospect to shoot you down and devalue your product or your position. By using the word 'just' you do all that yourself. You are immediately making it sound like you and your product are not priorities. So, why would the prospect regard them any differently?

The product you are trying to sell may be great. The prospect may be a perfect match for your product. But, if you use the word 'just' you are devaluing yourself and you move from a position of strength to a position of weakness.You immediately demean your position and your product.

'I'm just calling' flows easily from the lips of many salesman across this great land.

It shouldn't.

If you believe in what you sell enough to actually sell it, then it's worth the time of the person you are calling. It isn't 'just' a product. It's a product that the person you are calling needs. It will make the more money or make their life better. And you aren't 'just' a dude who's selling this product. You're mixture of personality, skills and knowledge is perfectly suited to the person you're calling. You are perfectly positioned to sell the product you are trying to sell. You aren't 'just' a salesman. 

It's akin to a mother saying, 'I'm 'just' a mom' when she's asked what she does. There is no 'just' about it. 

So, next time you call someone don't say 'just.' 

You are not 'just' selling something. You are providing your potential client with something they need. 

No 'justs' about it. 

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