Lead Scoring     Phone Sales Performance Scoring

Mine the gold out of every call with ProScore.

Score phone interactions with voice analytics to extract every last bit of data. provides vital call analytics…the technical stuff like missed calls, geographic call source, average call duration, etc. Just as important, LogMyCalls records every call.

There is a gold mine of data in your call recordings. Optimize your call recordings by analyzing and scoring the conversation. ProScore voice analytics tap into the human element of the phone call to tell you all about your leads and your phone sales performance.

Lead Scoring

ProScore analyzes the phone conversation to give you a good read on your leads. From what’s said on the call, extract all sorts of valuable data.

Lead scoring data:

    • Title and job function
    • Role in purchase decision process: decision maker, influencer, recommender
    • Company size
    • Lead source and previous experience with company
    • Buying timeframe
    • Product mentions
    • Competitor mentions
    • Additional info or demo requested
    • Contact information

Conquer marketing and sales with your scored lead data:

    • Remarket to prospects
    • Capture lost leads
    • Refine sales funnel processes
    • Assess and adjust advertising campaigns
    • Reposition product marketing communications
    • Keep an ear to the ground on competitor and industry buzz
    • Make tons and tons of more money

Phone Sales Performance Scoring

Ensure that leads are treated like gold all the way through the marketing and sales process. The best marketing in the world is blasted to bits by crappy phone performance. Optimize sales with ProScore call scoring.

Phone sales performance scoring data: 

    • Appropriate greeting
    • Warm and professional tone
    • Effective probing questions
    • Upselling attempts
    • Appointment setting or Close sale

Take it all the way with phone performance data:

    • Adjust advertising as needed
    • Coach sales reps on best phone skills
    • Train sales on product
    • Stop the leaks in your sales funnel