Easily Track, Record, and Score Phone Calls Online

BernieLogMyCalls is the smarter call for companies that demand more from a call tracking and recording tool. It’s the one application that provides more insight, flexibility and control for optimizing marketing and maximizing sales.

Track and score leads, monitor call analytics, and automate marketing with LogMyCalls, ContactPoint’s SaaS platform to prove marketing ROI and optimize phone performance.

Prove Marketing ROI

Call tracking proves marketing ROI by measuring which campaigns drive phone calls. Agencies, publishers, and marketers have an online solution to offline marketing results. With call recording, searchable call tagging, scoring, social media-inspired call commenting and in-depth reporting, LogMyCalls goes way beyond standard call tracking to help analyze and optimize the entire lead cycle with detailed customer intelligence.

Optimize Phone Sales Performance

Marketing and sales managers benefit from phone performance-minded features to log customer conversations, score how leads are handled on the phone, improve call outcomes, and increase sales. This smart web application has the full lead cycle in mind: prospect to closed sale, accessible online anytime, anywhere.

How it Works

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What it does: Features and Benefits

LogMyCalls provides a deep pool of features to optimize both marketing and sales:

  • Local and Toll Free Numbers: Thousands of local and toll free numbers with carrier-grade sound quality and reliability.
  • Call Tracking: Measure marketing ROI for any offline or online campaign. Get all the details of calls made through your tracking numbers for more insight and informed decisions. Track call quantity, duration, date and time, answered calls, geographic call origin and other call tracking features.
  • Marketing Automation: IVR systems send leads to the right person. Automatic mobile engagement with SMS text-backs for enhanced offers.
  • Advanced Call Routing: Configure Geo Routing, Scheduled call routing, IVR routing, and even Outbound call tracking to create flexible call delivery for each tracking number.
  • Reports: 30+ reports give dashboard and downloadable data for easy analysis. Refine reports by groups, users, time, tracking number, call tags, and other flexible methods to drill down to critical data.
  • Call Recording: A vital resource for frontline phone performance management and deep understanding of lead quality.
  • Call Tagging and Call Commenting: Use tags to create call metadata for categorizing calls. Develop skills by attaching comments to calls.
  • Custom Call Scorecards: Score, rank, and measure any element of the call, from lead strength to phone skills. Marketers measure lead quality and refine campaigns. Frontline managers score actual phone interactions to improve sales and customer experience.
  • Goals and Alerts: Set custom goals to monitor and improve performance. Goals can measure such metrics as campaign ROI, phone skills, call quality, and LogMyCalls user activity. Stay on top of results with SMS or email alerts.
  • Integration with CRM and Google Analytics: Customer conversations are automatically added to your CRM’s customer call log. Track offline calls just like online clicks with Google Analytics integration.
  • Dynamic Number Insertion: Flexible methods to measure internet marketing.

LogMyCalls Product Trailer

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Smarter Call Tracking


  • Optimize the entire lead cycle.
  • Call tagging, lead tracking, advanced call routing, and reporting to measure marketing ROI.
  • Automate marketing and engage mobile with SMS text-back.

Smarter Marketing Analytics


  • Scorecards, campaign ROI goals, and alerts for marketing analytics.
  • Lead scoring, campaign analysis, sales trends to constantly improve.
  • 30+reports for more insight and better decisions.

Smarter Sales Optimization


  • Turn up your sales dial with customer intelligence.
  • Live recordings and custom scorecards give you power to recapture opportunities.
  • Integrate with your CRM to auto-update call records.

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