If it's not measured, it's not managed, and LogMyCalls provides an incredibly easy way for businesses, small and large, to quickly and easily measure the ROI of their advertising dollars and put them where they'll be most effective.

–Mark Cook, Director of Communications, Tire Industry Association

Dialog into Data and Data into Dollars with the Right Marketing Technology

  • Marketing technology to capture, analyze, integrate, and apply customer intelligence.

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LogMyCalls is our essential call tracking, call recording and monitoring tool. A one stop solution for marketing optimization and phone performance management. Measure marketing ROI by tracking which campaigns are driving phone calls. LogMyCalls is a web-based platform for measuring and analyzing the point of customer contact and evaluating against goals and performance criteria to improve call quality. Accessible online anytime, or integrate with your software through our API. LogMyCalls tracks calls, records calls, generates essential call analytics reports, alerts users to goals, and automates marketing functions. It’s brilliant. It’s the Smarter Call. And it has a beaver for a mascot.

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Let the pros score your recorded calls. Gather customer intelligence by analyzing both sides of the dialog: the customer, and your phone agent. We create a custom scorecard that works best for your business. Score leads and phone performance; use the data to amplify marketing and sales.

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Data Extracted from Phone Calls

Call Details:
  • Campaign, date, time, duration, location, repeat caller, etc.

Lead Scoring:

  • Role, company size, time to purchase, competitor mentions, etc.

Phone Performance:

  • Greeting, tone, build value, upsell, ask for the sale, etc.

ContactPoint technologies mine customer phone calls for every detail possble from the customer interaction: we call this customer intelligence. Everything from the call details from mechanics of the phone call itself to what we hear in the dialogue. Our voice analytics extracts vital details from what is said by both the customer and the phone representative. We listen to customer cues for lead scoring data. We also listen to the phone agent's performance. In addition to what is said, we listen to how it is said: speech rate, tonal fluctuation, and other cues to tell us about the customer experience.

We turn the dialog into data, accessible in easy-to-read reports and action prompts.

Products for Lead Tracking, Call Analytics, Lead Scoring, Sales Optimization, and Marketing Automation

Data turns into dollars when clients optimize sales and marketing with the tools and data available. Lead tracking, call analytics, and lead scoring give marketers the power to refine marketing campaigns and put dollars together where they’ll breed and reproduce. Sales managers optimize sales by training and coaching from customer and biofeedback from recorded calls. Marketers likewise optimize sales by discovering leaks in the lead cycle.

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