Automatically engage with customers by automating marketing with LogMyCalls.

Smart marketers are constantly looking for ways to scale their efforts by automating marketing with innovative technology. LogMyCalls gives marketers the ability to automatically engage with customers and simplify CRM work-flows. In addition, LogMyCalls features qualify leads and build customer intelligence automatically after some simple set-up. Let the beaver work for you.

  • SMS text-back: Engage with your mobile customers by sending them a text message automatically after they call. A thank you, coupon code, or limited time special offer builds customer loyalty and has great conversion rates. Mobile coupons are redeemed 10x more often than standard coupons. For example, set up LogMyCalls to automatically send the text, “Thanks for calling our store! Come in this week show us this text for 20% off your next purchase.”
  • CRM work-flow automation: Integrate LogMyCalls with your CRM to update call records and call log details with every outbound phone call. Through your CRM, automatically trigger future call reminders and other action items to take care of your leads.
  • Interactive Voice Response: automatically qualify leads and sort inbound phone traffic with an optional LogMyCalls IVR.
  • Dynamic Number Insertion: Change the phone number visitors see on your website depending on the source of the website traffic. Have a different contact phone number displayed for each PPC keyword campaign, online marketplace, digital advertising campaign, etc. Automatically qualify leads by knowing how they got to your website.


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