Learn the Secrets to Closing More Sales Over the Phone

Investigate Phone Performance with Mystery Shopping

Everyday your business receives dozens, maybe even hundreds of phone calls. Each one an opportunity to increase sales and boost customer retention. If you are not listening to sales calls, you're missing the hidden yet powerful clues to dramatically improving your bottom line. ContactPoint can help you hear what you're missing.

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ContactPoint principles are making my business stronger. We are closing more calls.

-Chip Guy, Director of Training
Buddy's Home Furnishings

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There is no better way to find out how your employees handle inbound phone calls than to let us talk with them just like a customer would. ContactPoint can call your place of business and record a simulated customer call. In fact we'll do it three times for FREE just to make sure we've heard enough. From those brief interactions, we can help you to:

  • Listen to and critique the recorded conversation and compare to your industry's best practices.
  • Understand the subtle differences between a productive and unproductive phone call.
  • Analyze the flow of your customer conversation and recommend changes you can do TODAY to improve sales and customer satisfaction.
  • Evaluate the skills of your phone agents and provide suggestions on where they can make individual improvements that will close more sales.
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Still not sure? Here is what other companies like yours have to say about working with ContactPoint to improve sales and service results:

Anyone that wants to improve performance and create a standard for all communication with their customers should use ContactPoint.
- Kelly Blake, VP of Operations
Southwest Federal Credit Union

This program points out your weak areas and builds your phone skills like no other training on the market today.

- Kelly Pierce, GM
RNR Wheel and Tire


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