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In tough times like these, companies like yours are looking to squeeze every dollar of sales out of offline and online marketing efforts. If you're spending a king's ransom every month on marketing and advertising to drive traffic to your website or telephone and want to maximize ROI, you may have missed one CRITICAL element. What happens to your hard-won lead once someone picks up the phone?

If your marketing dollars aren't turning into the sales results you want, we can reveal a simple formula for immediately increasing sales results that may surprise or even shock you. It's the secret to exponential sales improvement that many companies overlook. Download our eBook: 7 Keys to Highly Effective Selling and gain access to a proven formula for how to sell just about ANYTHING over the phone. Then watch your sales double or even triple by applying the principles.

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What's Inside:

  • How to build customer rapport and gain trust in 8 seconds or less
  • The 7 (not 6, not 8) keys required to get customers to eagerly unlock their wallet
  • The 5 questions that will reveal your customer's real motivation
  • How to get customers to say "yes" without a hard sell
  • The 3 steps for turning rejection into success
  • How to turn non-salespeople into super-salespeople

This eBook is for anyone who wants to:
Improve sales performance, increase sales close rates, close more sales on the first call, improve phone sales skills, master inside sales techniques or .

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bio_jeremiah_whtJeremiah Wilson is an entrepreneur of the year, author and sought after speaker, delivering keynote addresses and training throughout North America and Europe. Participants characterize his energetic sales programs as a combination of "the passion of Anthony Robbins and the depth of Stephen R. Covey." Wilson draws on his experience of successful, patented inventions that gave rise to his first company, ContactPoint. ContactPoint thrives as a highly successful customer service and sales training organization, helping customers increase productivity and enhance revenue. Wilson also created Power Training, a two day transformational experience that thousands of students have used to reach their visions and break through barriers.