Gather and use customer intelligence with our marketing technology,, to market smarter and sell stronger.

Our online call tracking application, LogMyCalls, gives users the ability to dig valuable information from every customer phone call. LogMyCalls builds customer intelligence through insight into customer response to marketing campaigns via offline phone conversion statistics, and measures customer sentiment through voice analytics bio feedback, i.e., listening in on the calls to analyze what was said, and not said.

With this customer intelligence marketers market smarter and sales sell stronger.

LogMyCalls features that build customer intelligence:

  • Call tracking: measure customer response to advertising campaigns
  • Call recording: review and sort customer sentiment
  • 30+ reports refinable by date, location, tracking number, group, and customizable parameters
  • Call tagging: social media inspired tags add metadata to sort and refine call metrics and content
  • Call commenting: sortable call feedback attached to the second
  • CRM integration: use our API to automatically update customer records and append valuable call recordings

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