Improve Cross-Channel Marketing Integration with call analytics from LogMyCalls.

LogMyCalls connects your marketing activities to offline conversions—phone calls—so you can refine campaigns and better manage your customer relationships. While many marketers focus on online conversion data, when it comes to making a sale, the best tool is often the phone. LogMyCalls call tracking enables marketers to identify the campaign source, and the call outcome.

LogMyCalls features to improve cross channel marketing integration:

  • Call tracking measures which campaigns (online and offline) convert to phone calls, and which phone calls convert to sales.
  • Dynamic number insertion: Dynamically insert a different phone number on your website according to the inbound traffic source, whether that’s a PPC keyword, content marketing, email links, or even offline campaigns. Track which web traffic source is generating the most phone calls.
  • Google analytics integration: integrate LogMyCalls with your Google Analytics and phone calls ping your analytics just like web clicks. Synthesize your online and offline customer response tracking.
  • Local and toll free number options: appear local or national, depending on the audience and impression you want to make.
  • Advanced call routing: configure each specific call tracking number to reach the best destination for optimal call outcomes.
  • Call recording, tagging, and commenting: drill down to customer sentiment and phone agent performance to understand campaign and call outcome correlation.

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