The Sales and Marketing Optimitics Company

It’s all about results—we get that. What results do we get for our clients? Our clients regularly report up to 300% increase in sales and customer service objectives. Our unique process of pairing training and coaching with call monitoring and data analytics allow you to unleash the extraordinary power in every customer contact!

Founded in 2001, ContactPoint invented a patented remote monitoring device called the Maculon™, transforming sales training and customer service training effectiveness by recording and monitoring clients’ communications. Today we serve a winning portfolio of leading companies in Automotive, Hospitality, Medical and Financial Services. If you’ve heard “this call may be recorded for quality,” we’re the company that provides that system and uses the information to double our clients’ sales and wow their customers.

Our mission: To unleash the extraordinary power in every customer contact point.

Our vision: To revolutionize the way companies listen and respond to their customers. We deliver the equivalent of bio-feedback for customer interactions, which allows companies to adapt to customer needs with unparalleled speed and agility.