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Market Smarter & Sell Stronger

Every phone call is an opportunity to capture data to optimize your marketing and sales.

Use our smart marketing technology, LogMyCalls, to capture, analyze, integrate, and apply customer intelligence from phone calls. We turn dialog into data, and data into dollars.

LogMyCalls delivers customer intelligence from your phone calls.

Improve Cross-Channel Marketing Integration

Track offline conversions online with LogMyCalls.

  • Analyze which ads produce phone calls and measure marketing ROI with call tracking
  • Gather call details and apply caller sentiment to refine marketing campaigns.

Focus on Your Most Qualified Prospects

LogMyCalls provides precise data and clear insight into lead quality, giving marketers a way to prioritize sales leads.

  • Lead calls scored with customizable lead quality score cards
  • Re-market to lost opportunities and recapture lost leads

Convert More Leads Faster

Automate sales ops, hear what your customers hear, gather real time customer feedback, and improve phone performance.

  • Close more business by knowing how well sales handles phone leads
  • Integrate with your CRM to automatically update the call log and append call recordings

Automatically Engage with Customers

Scale your efforts. Market better without breaking a sweat.

  • Engage mobile users after the call with SMS text-back
  • Integrate with your software or CRM work-flow automation
  • Dynamic Number Insertion and Interactive Voice Response automatically qualifies leads

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Every customer contact point contains a wealth of information. Every call is an opportunity to capture data to optimize your marketing and sales.

ContactPoint develops marketing technology to capture, analyze, integrate, and apply phone based customer intelligence to enhance marketing and sales, turning dialog into data and data into dollars.

Customer intelligence from EVERY phone call.


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